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  How can you help?

I need your help!!!!!

This website is currently full of my experiences when visiting the Spa Francorchamps circuit and the Ardenne region of Belgium itself.  Although there is much more for me to add over the coming months and maybe years I do appreciate that its only a single perspective.  Therefore I would very much appreciate some feedback from you.  

If you have not been but are thinking of making a visit sometime in the future, has it been helpful.  Have you discovered things you did not know that have helped you make decisions regarding your visit?  Are there other things you would like to know about?

If you have already been to the area and or the circuit, does it remind you of your experience(s).  Can you add some useful information to the site?  Have I made any glaring errors?!!!  (Probably)

Any feedback would be fantastic.  I am not sure how I will deal with feedback at the moment.  It will of course all get read but depending on how much I get and what kind of feedback it is I may decide to create new pages showing the feedback for others to read.  However I may simply slip bits of the information in to the text that I have already written so that it gives the reader more than one experience regarding a particular aspect of visiting.

I am very interested in stories regarding organised travel to and from the circuit.  This is something I have not done.  I always drive myself.  However a lot of people used organised busses or trains.  How has this been?  Would you recommend it?

Also accommodation.  Camping experiences at or near the circuit.  Also camping around the Ardenne area in general should be wish to extend their stay in the region.

Also any info on hotels, b&b's etc.

I am sure you get the idea.  Any information could be really useful to a large number of people so please feel free to share it with me.


I am also very interested in pictures of the circuit, camping at the circuit, days and nights out in the local area or whatever.  If you have some you think may be useful let me know.  Please DO NOT send me loads of massive images.  If you can shrink some down to send that would be great.  I can then perhaps request a higher resolution to be sent of just the picture(s) I intend to use.  Also a comment explaining each picture would be useful of course.

I cannot guarantee that I will use all contributions but I will attempt to let you know via email if I do make use of any of your information and or pictures.

Many thanks for your help.

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