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  Original Circuit 2 (today)

 This is the second of 2 pages showing how parts of the original circuit look today.  Again I have included a map of the original circuit to use as a guide to my pictures.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger image.

The exit of the Masta Kink  heading on to the Holowell Straight

Slight right handed corner of Holowell before the Stavelot corner you can just see going off to the right.

The start of the Stavelot corner which as you can see is quite banked and pretty long.

Looking back to the Stavelot corner as it begins to finish and the track head uphill back to the start of the circuit.

Stavelot exists just to the left of this picture and heads on to La Carriere.

On it goes.

Through La Carriere

Still climbing up towards Blanchimont (This is not the same Blanchimont used on the modern circuit)

And finally the circuit climbs yet more as it reaches the existing circuit at the point which is now known as Stavelot.

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