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  Getting around the circuit

Getting around the circuit  (Map at bottom of page)

Below is a map showing the rough locations of the footpaths around the circuit.  Please note they are only a guide and not that accurate in terms of their distance from the race track.  For instance the footpath around La Source is fairly close to the circuit but a lot of it is behind grandstands and high walls so you can't see the circuit from it.  Another point regarding the area around La Source.  The reason it is in a different colour is because I have seen conflicting information regarding who can walk around these parts during an F1 race.  Certainly at the FIA GT 24 hour race anyone can walk around this bit but I believe it may be restricted to grandstand ticket holders during F1 races.  If anyone can confirm this one way or another I would be very grateful.  Contact me using the contact link on the website please.

The rest of the circuit is pretty easy to get around.  However please do not think it's a quick stroll from one end to another.  Spa is a big circuit and is particularly long and thin.  Therefore walking from the Eau Rouge area to the Stavelot corner takes some time.  It is also full of gradient.  Not always that steep but you do find yourself walking up long continuous slopes which take it out of you a little.  By the way, getting up Eau Rouge to head down to Kemmel is entertaining with a full hamper of food for the family on your back!!! and the Kemmel straight is very very long.  It is also a big long drop all the way from Rivage to Stavelot.  Walking down is fine but the other way is quite a trek.

You will notice that you can cross the track at various places.  Eau Rouge is a tight underpass next to the river as is the crossing just before Rivage and Stavelot.  I am drawing a blank on the others although I believe the Kemmel crossing is certainly a bridge.  Please use the contact button and let me know about the others if you have used them.

You will probably be aware that the circuit surroundings are full of trees although some in places have been cut down in recent years.  It's a bit of a worry in my opinion as they are a big part of the way the place feels to visit.  Anyway, this means that walking across the middle of the circuit is just like walking through a forest.  As nice as this is it does of course stop you seeing anything of the circuit.  For example do not expect to nip across from Kemmel to Pouhon and see cars all around you.

At the end of the day, if you have the time I would advise getting to the circuit early on qualifying day or Friday if possible and having a good wander around.  Then for the race day you can simply take the best route to your chosen view point.

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