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The Ardenne region of Belgium is a wonderful place for a holiday.  Time and finance permitting I highly recommend you extend your stay in the area should you visit the circuit for a motor race of any kind.

Belgium is often thought of as being a rather flat country.  This is quite true for a large part of the country but the Ardenne area is anything but flat.  The countryside is a mix of rolling hills, rocky gorge and high plateau areas.  It is a very green area with large areas still thickly wooded.  A lot is fairly modern plantations but you can still find nice areas of old forest to explore.

Travelling around by car is easy although due to the nature of the countryside what appears to be a fairly short journey by back roads shown on a map can take some time due to the twisty nature of the roads.  I have yet to discover a particularly unattractive village or town in this region.  It appears that locals take pride in where they live and the vast majority of villages have lovely little centres and so many houses have brightly coloured window boxes.  I can only assume this is achieved both by the effort of the locals and the way the local taxes are spent on the upkeep of the area.  They certainly don't appear to spend that much on road surfaces.  The motorways are good and the bigger main roads area ok but the rest are rather bumpy and full of pot holes!



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