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  Local towns

Here are a few brief details about some nearby places to visit.  I intend to expand upon this information as and when I get the time or indeed if anyone sends me some useful information.


Spa itself is situated around 5 miles north of the circuit along the N62.  Spa is quite a large town with everything you need.  Good supermarkets, a number of hotels and other accommodation, general shops, banks, petrol stations etc.  It has a lovely centre with places to sit and watch the world go by.

If you are visiting the circuit for the FIA GT 24 hours race then head to Spa on the Friday evening before the race as all the cars travel from the circuit to the centre of the town and you can get up close and personal to them.

There is a large tourist info centre in the middle of the town.  You can also take a funicular up to the famous Spa and relax your stresses away or just take in the view from the top.


Stavelot is a nice little town situated just south of the circuit. In fact if you follow the old circuit down the southernmost point you have basically reached Stavelot.  Much smaller than Spa however it still has pretty much everything a visitor to the area needs.  The large Abbey is easy to find and contains a tourist info centre.  It is also home of the Spa Francorchamps Circuit museum.  The museum is situated in the old cellar of the abbey which makes it quite a different museum to visit.  There is a decent selection of cars to view as well as lots of information about the circuit.

Stavelot also has a couple of large supermarkets, traditional shops, banks, at least one petrol station that I can think of plus a decent amount of accommodation.


Malmedy has become my favourite local town.  On initial visits to the area I hardly ever ventured in to Malmedy.  The reason for this is that when you head towards Malmedy from the circuit you initially travel through the small industrial area.  It's very easy to bypass the town thinking that its not that nice.  However on one of our visits to Belgium we spent the second week of our stay in a tiny village east of Malmedy.  Malmedy therefore became the natural place for us to explore a bit more.  What we found was a lovely town.  The industrial bit is really out to one side and the rest of the town is very pretty.  Probably a bit bigger than Stavelot and again having all the facilities a tourist needs, Malmedy has a lovely centre with lots of café's and bars, a good size tourist info centre in the middle and a decent amount of parking.

The shops are very nice and we even found a newsagent selling papers from various countries.  OK, maybe I am a bit of a Brit abroad but I assure you I do take on the Belgian way of life a bit but do I also like to keep up with things going on in the world with a decent British newspaper from time to time!!!

Trois Ponts

Trois Ponts is a very small town situated about 4 miles further south of the circuit that Stavelot.  Trois Ponts itself is not anywhere I have thought about staying or spending much time in as it appears to be a simple small town at the cross roads of traffic coming in from 4 different areas of Belgium.  Whilst this does not make it that attractive in my opinion, it does however have some good shops, petrol etc. which is always useful to know.  One year we stayed in a house locate in a tiny village called Neucy.  Neucy itself was wonderful but had no facilities.  Therefore Trois Ponts became a very useful place to stock up on essentials for out holiday.  Trois Ponts is also close to a place called Coo which features in the 'Things to see and do' section.

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